Amid the increasing number of global environmental issues confronting today’s society, it is our responsibility to strive toward helping resolve these environmental challenges. Given this situation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are a requirement for any company engaged in the marketing of environmentally friendly products, procurement from environmentally conscious companies and recycling or energy-saving designs that are environmentally friendly.

These efforts include the European Union ROHS directive, REACH Regulations of Hazardous Materials and Conflict Free Smelter Program with increasingly strict regulations on the use of chemicals in products currently used in many regions and countries throughout the world. To comply with these regulations, we must be fully informed and in control of the chemicals in all raw materials.

To achieve these goals and meet the industry standards for the management of substances that adversely impact the environment, Richey and all its affiliated factories will strive to promote environmental friendly practices with all our suppliers based on industry guidelines.

Below are the current Compliance Certifications for all Richey affiliated factories.