PEIM Series

• Polyester
• Inductive
• Miniature
• Radial
• Dipped

Constructed with polyester film dielectric, aluminum foil electrode, copper ply lead, and epoxy resin coating in inductive type. They are suitable for blocking, by-pass and coupling of DC and signal to VHF range, timing circuits, filtering, and other General purpose usage. The PEIM series is also ideal for use in TV, radio, tape recorder, stereo equipment, and other general electronic equipment. This series features moisture resistance, good solderabilty, very small size, and the ESR is minimized.

Series Category: Film Capacitors

Series Type: Polyester

Series Capacitance Range: 0.001 - 0.22 µF

Series Voltage Range: 100 - 100 VDC

Series Operating Temperature Range: -40 - 85 ºC

Series df %: 1

Series Insulation Resistance (mΩ): ?20000 (C ≤0.1uF), ?2000 • uF (C ˃0.1uF)

Terminal Type: Radial

Tan or Dissipation Factor

Measurement Frequency: 120Hz, +20°C

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