RFR Series

Series Category: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Series Type: Miniature

Series Applications: Photo Flash Application

Series Capacitance Range: 80 - 300 µF

Series Voltage Range: 330 - 330 VDC

Series Operating Temperature Range: -20 - 55 ºC

Terminal Type: Radial Leaded

Leakage Current Formula: I = 1 x C (+20°C, 5 minutes) I: Leakage Current (uA) C: Nominal Capacitance (uF)

Capacitance Tolerance: -10% ~ +20% at 120 Hz, +20°C

Tan or Dissipation Factor

Measurement Frequency: 120Hz, +20°C

0.06 Max

Voltage Proof: 350

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